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Rowlands Castle Golf Club - Fitting & Training Studio

In the early spring of 2017, Peter and Jimmy invested in a new state of the art indoor golf studio to enhance the custom fitting side of the business.

The new studio offers the latest in launch monitor technology, which gives them instant feedback on all of the aspects of swing and ball flight characteristics which are so important for a comprehensive and in depth custom club fitting.

The studio also offers indoor putting, and has been carpeted in the latest artificial turf which is equivocal to an 11 on the stimpmeter, with proper holes cut into the floor. No corners have been cut in building the studio, the strike mat is the closest experience to hitting from real grass that is available and there is high definition video cameras, swing trackers, projectors and TV screens for video lessons.

But the best thing about the facility is that it allows custom fittings to be undertaken in an environment that is conducive to delivering the best results, it’s quiet, warm, dry and everything is on hand to try with instant feedback.

Those of you who know Peter or follow his blogs and newsletters regularly know the importance that he places on custom fitting, he explains ‘we are all different and we all swing the club differently, it is amazing how many people say to me that ‘I am quite normal spec’ for 95% of golfers this all-to-common statement is unlikely to be true. I could see three golfers who are all six foot tall, but each of their clubhead speeds, tempos, shaft kick points and club release characteristics would be different, meaning that they would all be recommended very different clubs during a professional club fitting.’
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Carry Only - 18 Holes In line with the Disability act, those who require a buggy/trolley for golf will be permitted to use one. No buggy/trolley are permitted on the fairways and must be kept in the rough/long rough areas.
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