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Below is a communication on the booking system and a visual of the new set up. This will be in place from Monday 13th December. It is very important this is read carefully, as some changes that were already in place, were not known to all members. For instance, it has been allowed for golf to be played from the 10th tee, with no booking since August of this year.

Dear Member,

As previously stated, after the voting results came in for the booking system, the Executive Committee felt it was important we took notice of the close vote and tried to improve the current booking system set up.

Therefore, we have come up with a system which reflects what was once the start board, but now with the ability to be able to book from the 1st tee. (Click below to view the table)

We appreciate there are 2 main shortcomings with the current booking system. 2 ball golf, and utilisation of the back 9. Therefore, we have tried to tackle both with the improved set up. We will be opening the 10th tee at 07:30 along with the 1st tee.

With this system, it is very important to remember that you can tee off from the 10th tee at any time (apart from in-between competitions), with no booking, and you will interleave how we always did. As stated in the diary on page 76 B – Players coming off the 9th green to continue their round may take their place immediately behind those ready to start their game from the 10th. This seems to be something that has been forgotten since the booking system came in.

Those teeing off the 10th are able to play 18 holes, but only if the 1st tee is free, or has been booked.

SATURDAYS – Will continue to be start sheets for competitions, or will be set up as 4 balls all from the 1st tee from 07:00.

SUNDAYS – There will be no bookings on Sundays. The attached system will be followed (starting from 0700), but no bookings will be necessary. It is still important to check the booking system to see if there are events on, I.e., Christmas Brunch event on 19th December.

Moving forward, we understand more needs to be done on managing the tee sheets. Therefore, we are asking members to put themselves forward again for starting. We also ask all members to confirm with the pro-shop their presence, so we are able to manage those who are not turning up for booked tee times.

Many thanks
General Manager
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