Tee Reservations and Timings

Please click below to view a communication about the booking system which will be in place from mid-May 2022.

Booking System

Dear Members,

As you know, the Executive Committee tasked a Sub-Committee to discuss the booking system moving forward, using data from the previous booking sheets. We also wanted to slightly alter the system to reflect the summer season and longer daylight hours.

Attached is the modified system set up that we will run until the end of the golfing season, and will re-evaluate once the clocks change.

The notable changes are the removal of 2 ball slots in the afternoons. The rationale behind this is taken from the data, along with talking to many members. The course becomes a lot quieter in the afternoon which would still allow 2 balls to play in a reasonable time, but does not restrict larger groups from having a booked tee time. We will also be stopping the booking system at 4pm rather than 5pm, with roll up golf allowed after this time. It is also important to remember that members are allowed to book in as 2 balls at any time and block out the other 2 slots if they wish to do so.

The morning 2 ball slots that have been removed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are a reflection of these times being primarily used for competition golf and matches.

The other change is the return of a booking system on Sundays between the hours of 0900-1600. The initial 2 hours of the day will still be roll up golf and will not need to be booked. The rationale behind this is, now we are into the golfing season, matches and Sunday competitions have returned and it makes it a lot clearer for members to know when the course is booked up. It has also been noticeably quieter on Sundays since the booking system was removed.

Please note - This coming Sunday is now bookable. The start sheets running up to 4pm instead of 5pm will start from Wednesday 11th May.

Roll up golf will remain from the 10th tee where you do not need to book. We hope the attached visual makes the changes clear.

Thank you.

Shah – On behalf of the Booking System Committee

Start Times

Click the image to view the Summer Booking Chart

Using the Booking System

Tee times are reserved via the ClubV1 Members Hub/HowDidiDo.

  • For non-competitive rounds, the booking system goes live 7 days in advance at 19:30.
  • Men’s Saturday competition Tee Sheets become live on Friday nights a fortnight in advance at 18:00.
  • Ladies Wednesday competitions go live at 18:00 on Tuesday nights a fortnight in advance.
  • Seniors competitions go live a fortnight in advance at 16:00.
  • Social members and members' guests may play from 2:00pm onwards, apart from Saturdays which will remain members only. Tee times should be booked via the app and Green fees should be paid on arrival in the Pro-shop.

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